A small sustainable and climate conscious business.

You can purchase my art on my website, from framable fine art cards, occasion cards, to affordable prints.

For the purchase of Original work you can get in touch via email.


Bunaíodh Ealaín Iarthar na hEireann sa mbliain 2018.

Cruthaíonn an t – ealaíontóir agus an dearthóir Caroline Uí Chuláin cártaí beannachtaí, priontaí mínealaíne, chomh maith lena saothar ealaíne.

Tá Caroline ina cónaí i nGaeltacht Chonamara, ar chósta thiar na héireann.

About Me

West Ireland Art, which was founded in 2018 has a unique range of personalised greeting cards which are thoughtfully designed and created by artist and designer Caroline Uí Chuláin.

Caroline is from the Connemara Gaeltacht in Co. Galway on the west coast of Ireland.

West Ireland Art provides a user friendly and secure online service. We make your greeting card giving experience simple yet your recipient will be truly delighted and impressed.

West Ireland Art understands that the giving of a card is an expression of your sentiments and supports this with a high level of service and exquisite range.  Ireland's world-famous scenic landscape, culture and humor, is artistically conveyed in West Ireland Art’s range of greeting cards, perfect for all of life’s occasions and celebrations.


Caroline Uí Chuláin

The fact that I grew up speaking Irish was what inspired me to include our native language in many of West Ireland Art’s creations. I wanted to make bilingual greeting cards available both here and internationally that were quality Irish made and that represent our unique Irish cultural traditions and sense of humour as well as the GAA which is a sporting organisation unique to Ireland.

Caroline Uí Chuláin

Explore Our Products

Ár gcuid táirgí


West Ireland Art’s creations not only include greeting cards for all of life’s occasions and celebrations it also includes non specific framable fine art scenery cards and fine art prints.

These are all supplied to both retail and wholesale. Original artwork is also available.

At West Ireland Art we are extremely passionate about being environmentally-conscious and do all that we can to keep the carbon footprint to a minimum.

Fine Art and Limited Edition Prints are posted in mailing tubes.     

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